Introduction of DoTasks

Do you use the To-Do List app? I am using Google Tasks.

Google Tasks is a very useful task management app that you can use from Google Calendar and Gmail. However, Tasks can only be used from the web version of Google Calendar or Gmail.

※ Google Tasks can also be used by itself, it will be displayed in the following url.

I am using Google Tasks together Google Calendar. First of all, I write out what I should do to Google Tasks. Here I will set the deadline. Then use Google Calendar to assign that task to your daily schedule.  I just copy the title and set the date and time. So the Google task that allows you to display tasks in Google Calendar is very useful for me. The only disappointing thing is that Google Tasks is not provided as an app for android. Also, we can not display Google Tasks on Google Calendar of android. (Although you can synchronize with Google Tasks using third party apps …)

I developed DoTasks for Google Tasks users like me.

As a favorite function, it is a function to show the create event screen of Calendar from the task list screen. It is trivial, but I can save time and effort to copy.