Release Notes DoTasks version 1.4

New features: N20180001: Add the related email to the Edit Activity If the task has a related Gmail, display its contents in the Edit Activity. If it is clicked, launch the mail app. Bug Fixes: B20180009: Rotating the device while editing by the Edit Activity clears the edited contents.

Release Notes DoTasks version 1.2

Improvement: I20180001: Add dark gray to the theme color. Bug Fixes: B20180005: When deleting the selected task list on another device, an exception occurs when launching the application. B20180006: If you delete the account and only exist on the local account, you can select the deleted account. B20180007: An exception may occur when stopping an application during task synchronization.

Release Notes DoTasks version 1.1

Bug Fixes: B20180001: Can not set the sound in the external storage to the notification sound of reminder. (Occurred on < Android 6.0) B20180002: An exception may occur when deleting a task list. B20180003: An exception occurs when you refuse with a permission request. (Occurred on Android 6.0) B20180004: NullPointerException occurs when In-app billing service can not be set up.