Release Notes DoTasks version 1.4

New features: N20180001: Add the related email to the Edit Activity If the task has a related Gmail, display its contents in the Edit Activity. If it is clicked, launch the mail app. Bug Fixes: B20180009: Rotating the device while editing by the Edit Activity clears the edited contents.

Release Notes DoTasks version 1.2

Improvement: I20180001: Add dark gray to the theme color. Bug Fixes: B20180005: When deleting the selected task list on another device, an exception occurs when launching the application. B20180006: If you delete the account and only exist on the local account, you can select the deleted account. B20180007: An exception may occur when stopping an application during task synchronization.

Release Notes DoTasks version 1.1

Bug Fixes: B20180001: Can not set the sound in the external storage to the notification sound of reminder. (Occurred on < Android 6.0) B20180002: An exception may occur when deleting a task list. B20180003: An exception occurs when you refuse with a permission request. (Occurred on Android 6.0) B20180004: NullPointerException occurs when In-app billing service can not be set up.

About repeat setting

Google Tasks can not set a repeat, but DoTasks can set a repeat. Tasks that set a repeat will automatically create the next task when the due or reminder date is today. You can not set a repeat for the tasks that have not set due reminder. If an end date is set, tasks after the end date are not created. In the task list screen, the task with yellow repeat icon is enabled. This is the latest task that set a repeat. If there is no enabled repeat, the next task is not automatically created. If the task that has the parent, the automatically created task also has the …

Introduction of DoTasks

Do you use the To-Do List app? I am using Google Tasks. Google Tasks is a very useful task management app that you can use from Google Calendar and Gmail. However, Tasks can only be used from the web version of Google Calendar or Gmail. ※ Google Tasks can also be used by itself, it will be displayed in the following url. I am using Google Tasks together Google Calendar. First of all, I write out what I should do to Google Tasks. Here I will set the deadline. Then use Google Calendar to assign that task to your daily schedule.  I just copy the title and set the date and …